The Petals Foundation; a Children & Youth Digital Multimedia, Innovation and Arts Organization, is headed by Fern Renata Chase and with her years of experience and wealth of knowledge in the fields she leads a powerful team as they add to the positive development to the lives of our future Global leaders. 


Fern Renata Chase is a multimedia consultant, Digital Producer, Director; and an In Person & Online Instructor. She is a Radio Broadcaster, and has been doing media for over 25 years; her passion is creating.


Ms. Chase created hundreds of shows, both TV and radio. Her media experience includes creating and presenting live and pre-recorded shows, voiceovers, commercials, public service announcements (PSA’s); creating and writing show content, programming, stage production and media consultancy.


She founded the Non-Profit Organization; the Petals Foundation in Trinidad & Tobago; children and youth multimedia organization facilitating programs and training workshops in the Caribbean, the USA and beyond.


She facilitated and trained many primary schools, educational organizations; and had many companies consulting for direction on projects. Ms. Chase lived, studied and worked in the media industry in Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada and St. Kitts, Bermuda, Bahamas; Canada, London-UK, Germany & the USA. 



Some of her work...


- Atlanta, GA. - On-Air Radio Broadcaster and segment producer on The Voice at The Ryan Seacrest Studios.

- iRl 2012 on affiliate station with All Radio Network: - Online Programming Director, Producer, Team Leader and on-air host. 


- Trinidad & Tobago. W.I. - Creator, Consulting Producer & Host of the daily radio show feature - 'Talking Music' which aired on ISAAC 98.1FM for 7 years.

…Digital Video…


-Creator, Producer, Editor of ‘ORIGINS’, a documentary on the history of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival; for Georgia State University, Atlanta. GA.

-London, UK - Producer/Editor: Creative Consultant for Chelsea Art Designs Promo video. Internet promotion.


-Trinidad & Tobago - Publicist/Co Producer/Co Director: Fine Feather Productions Ltd. Client Nyaka - Caribbean Pop Artiste. Music video Swing Yuh body’. Got it aired on MTV Caribbean Tempo throughout the Caribbean and on Synergy TV Music Video Countdown - Trindad & Tobago.


-Hanover, Germany - The Channel Of Hope

Producer & On-Camera Presenter/Talent 

-Canada - Crossroads TV Station

Production Team Member for a Youth TV Show


-GSUTV- Atlanta, GA.

Supervising and Associate Producer at the Georgia State University Television Station; in partnership with PBS, NPR and GPB. 

-Talking Music TV- Trinidad & Tobago. W.I - Producer/Presenter: ACTS25TV & Fine Feather Productions Ltd. Talking Music TV: Interviewed National Gospel & Inspirational artistes and facilitated an intimate acoustic musical set in studio with guests.

-BLAME IT ON THE MUSIC- London,UK/Trinidad & Tobago W.I. - Co Producer/Camera Operator with Paradigm Films UK/Fine Feather Productions - A full length documentary on Trinidad’s musical culture, aired throughout Europe and the Caribbean.

-LIMIN- Trinidad & Tobago. W.I - Producer/Presenter/Editor: Fine Feather Productions Ltd. A Lifestyle, infotainment TV series aired on CCN-TV6 with local female music celebrities.

-Kids Vibe- Family Focus Broadcasting Network.

 Trinidad & Tobago. W.I -

Creator of a Children's TV Show; Scripted, Produced, Co Directed, Presented. Trained the TV cast. 192 Episodes broadcasted.

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