Meet some of the Creative Team

Wes Chase

Multimedia Artist (The secret weapon)

Military discipline, precision, & initiative (US Marines-served two tours) combined with the eccentricities, creativeness, & understanding of the creative world is what makes him a very powerful multimedia artist. His focus, work ethic, & determination convinces people that he must be a machine. Legend has it, he doesn't sleep. Man or machine, the artwork that comes from this evolving being is quite remarkable and marketable. 

Fern Renata Chase


Digital Multimedia Consultant, Producer, Director; and a live and an online course instructor.

Rawle Murrell



Rawle spends a lot of time worrying over both. He feels that. Not that it affects his state of mind daily: He leaves that up to his six dogs and 2 Cars (oh did he mention he's a car nut?) But outside of that, he's spent the last seven years (15 in total) understanding Brand Awareness and Reach. Somewhere inside that scope lies Creative Director, Copywriter, Lecturer & Project Manager.